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If you've found this place, then welcome aboard!

Within, you'll find an entire world for you to explore as you please, with all the regions, gyms, contest stadiums, and landmarks you could ever hope for. You'll grow with your Pokémon, and raise your team, until you rise to the top, and finally truly test your mettle against the strongest there are.

And believe me, there are some strong ones out there...

Hidden Legends is a semi-lit to literate Pokémon roleplay. With friendly users, a unique exp system, and some really fun plot events! You're welcome to join us!

These are our application guidelines
[1] In your application, please include a short RP sample. This can be any theme, any characters, but it must be your own words. You must include the words "I love Pokemon" in your application, so we know you've been paying attention!
[2] Once accepted, before starting to roleplay, be sure to read the rules and guidelines. Ask a mod or another member if you need any help or have any questions!
[3] If you were referred to the guild by a current member, kindly tell us who it was in your app.
[4] Please make sure you are literate and please try to keep your RP posts in Third Person perspective. It's much easier to understand them in that format.

Some of the most prominent features of the guild include:
- A legendary is given out every month (The guild has three kind of each legendary; regular, shiny, and a hidden variant)
- Regular events, for everything, valentines day, mothers day, thanksgiving, ect.
- Annual guild wide story line events
- Major events and give aways for holidays like Christmas, New Years, Halloween, ect.
- Monthly Horroscope giveaways
- Very simple, easy to follow and effective Exp and leveling system, organized HP systems and attack damages
- Want to become the champion of a region? You'll have to hone your team to perfection because once you defeat a champion, you become the champion and must defend your title!
- A fully developed and active Contest system
- A fully developed Pokemon Ranger system
- A fully developed breeding and hatching system
- No restrictions on rare or shiny pokemon
- No confusing stats system. Instead the guild has an easy to follow, simple and fully developed dice rolling system for Speed, Accuracy/Evasiveness, Attack/Defense, and Sp. Attack/Sp. Defense.
- All forums and threads are full and completed from Kanto to Kalos
- We encourage creativity! Feel free to contact me with questions about something for your character~ Do you want them to join one of the enemy teams? Do you think they could find something? Personal story lines are awesome, especially when you can get others involved with you. Nothing too outlandish, but we're pretty open about what can happen in HL

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All original ideas created by my crew and myself, or came from the original Pokemon Hidden Legends, such as the main page, leveling, item, evolving, and any other system, any characters, or basic plot lines, are here by reserved. Any used ideas without our permission will be reported.
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