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Pokemon Gaming Rules
AR/GS Divulgence

After much debate, it has been decided that we will enforce the voluntary divulgence of any use of ActionReplay, Gameshark or any other form of video game hacking device or program. Although we do not condemn those who choose to use such devices (nor will we encourage any of our members to do so either), we feel it best for those who do use such devices, to let others know that they do in order to give others a choice whether or not they wish to interact (DS-to-DS / 3DS-to-3DS) with the user of such a device, prior to any possible battles or trades that may occur thereafter. Failure to voluntarily divulge this information, will NOT result in your banning from this guild as a whole, but may result in your removal from the Wi-Fi Gym League or any other officially held guild sponsored event(s) and/or tournament(s) which by default, do not allow the use of such illegitimately altered Pokemon. Battles involving AR/GS created Pokemon however may take place in the Wi-Fi Battling subforum of the guild, provided you have given proper notice underlining the fact that you plan on using such illegitimately altered Pokemon first.

Upon acceptance to the guild, please divulge whether or not you use Action Replay ( "AR" ), Gameshark ( "GS" ) or any other form of hacking device/program in our Introduce yourself sticky. Although voluntary in general, this divulgence is mandatory for those wishing to participate in any of the guild-sponsored tournaments and events.

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