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What is the guild about:

1. Creating guides for sony playstation games, and, other platforms
for gaian members. Remember, we are an alliance, so we are not pushing the other gaming platforms away.

2. Talking about Playstation gaming, networking, applications such as Home Beta and Folding Home, and online experiences.

3. Gathering information on release dates and reviews of game interests of all gaians.

4. Hinting new or old players in any Playstation issues they may have.

5. Bringing gamers all over GAIA together, to share interest and hang out. We already have several Allies and the list can only grow larger.

5. We now have Sub-Forums for Nintendo, X-Box, and PC. So we will
Dsicuss these platforms too.

6. We enjoy expression, express yourself and let us know who you are. An Art section is about to be available and we enjoy the artist in you.

7. Most of all, we are about making friends and giving you a place to make them.

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Follow the questions in your join request.
The more things you explain in your request,
the better chance you have of joining.
(I'm sure you will get in as long as you put
something playstation or game related.)

1. Why do you want to join?
2. How did you find this guild?
3. How long have you been a part of GAIA?
4. What other guilds do you belong to?
5. Do you plan to be active in this guild?
(As weird as that sounds, people join, and forget to post.)

Please be respectful...

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Final Summery:

There is a mule to hold the guilds gold for future
competitions. If a member creates a competition or if we gain enough gold to hold a competition I will announce it below. Anyone who does donate to the guild directly, or to the mule, post it in donation appreciations forum, created to recognize all donators.
Sense we have plenty of Sub-forums, do not donate to the guild.
Donate to the guild MuleSony PSA, this will allow competitions to be held...

Thank you for your time, and can't wait untill you join.


We are holding our first official bump thread. The first person to post on the top of every top 5th page will recieve 1,000 gold, and every top 10th page you recieve 5,000 gold....If you think it should be bigger, donate to the page. If you want it to go longer donate gold to a further page to carry it on.

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