Hey guys welcome to playful roleplays. Here you are free to rp as who you want to be. There are a few rules, but they're not that strict.

First of all this is an FYI... this is not a sex guild that was purposely made for you people to have sex ok? Like I said maybe a little is ok, but if it gets too extreme I will delete the whole topic for your rp.

1.) sexually explicit material must be put into pms or used in time skips. I know it sucks, but I dont want this guild to be banned.or at least warn with a (mature) in front of it and dont make the rp based in sex. If you put mature I will let you bend the rule a little bit, but not too much.
2.) no god-modding.
3.) have fun
4.) And most importantly, try your best to stay active.
5.) In your request to join, incorporate the word rainbow or just put it there just to show that you read this smile

When you send me your request you have to put: Name, legit reason of why you want to join, not "I wuv 2 rp" cause it makes you seem illiterate, I need you to explain why.

Please give a reasonable reason of why you want to join dont just write im horny or I want to rp or think this is a cybering guild ok? Put a GOOD reason I get really pissed at stupid reasons a legit one i got one thats like "because Im hot hooottt" please dont put that or the "I'm horny" it just gets on my nerves.

There will be a contest once every one or two months and there will a prize such as gold or an item.