I see you've found our guild!
Please join and role play with us!
Please check out all the important threads in the main forum
such as rules and fairy talents!
This is based off the Tinkerbell movies, but has been slightly changed
for role play purposes!
Characters and movie rights belong to Disney,
I do not own any characters or rights to the Tinkerbell movies.
1. Follow TOS
2. Keep it PG-13, no violence or anything sexual.
3. No characters from the movies, OC's only
4. Be nice to guild mates, no name calling or cursing.
5. No advertising in this guild unless it's a banner trade
6. Posts must have an image of your character
7. No using gaia avatars or tektek avatars as characters
8. Limit of three characters to one member
9. No creating threads unless they are under the OOC or Fairy Homes subforums, OR unless I give you permission.

These are what types of fairies your character can be~
Most are from the movies~
Don't post your characters here

Tinker: Just like the hero of the story! If you're a tinker, then you are good at inventing and creating helpful tools!

Animal: This talent means you're good with critters! You wake them up after winter and help the young ones learn to survive during spring!

Garden: A flower glowed for you! Your touch makes flowers blossom and seeds to sprout! Just watch out for sprinting thistles!

Water: The dew drops on webs and grass got their by a fairy with your talent! Without you, there would be no rainbows, and you understand the weather!

Fast Flying: The attitude doesn't come with the job. Like Vidia, you control the wind! Sounds simple, but you carry pollen and your wings are bigger and stronger than any other fairy's!

Light: Light fairies can hold light in their hands and have the added bonus of Pixie Dust. You give the fireflies their glow and make rainbows light up the sky!

Art: Suddenly you have inspiration to paint a picture or sculpt! You are an artist and you paint butterflies and change the color of the leaves!

Baker: Are those muffins I smell? The other fairies can't work without food, which you supply! And might I add, those cookies are yummy!

Dark: Commonly known as the gothic fairy, you make the moon change and fill the night with starlight! Though you seem dark and shady, your talent fills the night with magic!

Frost: Winter is a magical time, thanks to you! You make snowflakes, each one more beautiful than the last. Your talent brings a blanket of snow for the holidays!

Healer: When a fairy is hurt, you come to the rescue! Gifted with knowledge of natural remedies and cures, you help any sick or injured fairy get back in good health!

Music: You're a fairy that loves to dance, sing, and play instruments. You play for the queen and are a big hit at parties! You can cheer up any fairy.

Story Teller: Last but not least, you keep memories alive! Without your tales, history would fade into myth.

Tailor: What would the fairies wear if it weren't for the tailor fairies making clothing? Naked!

Fire: Be careful where you start those fires! You keep the fairies warm and toasty when they are changing the seasons, plus you light the way in the dark!