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✧Interested in joining?✧
✎ How to Join

Send Sailor Princess Jasmine a PM with the following information:
1. The name of your chosen character.
2. The Fairytale/Comic the character is from (unless it is an original character*)
3. How did you hear about Pixie Dust & Pows?

Then send a join request!

Character Options
Fairytale Character
Comic Character
Original Character*

(Every guild has them)

☆You must be nice! If you got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything! (Unless you are a villain but only be mean during role-play please!)
☆Keep up the required activity or you will lose your character(s).
✭No character doubling if someone already has the character you want to do then choose another one that isn't chosen there should be as many of the characters as possible.
☆Your avatar MUST look somewhat like the character you have chosen.
✭Follow all of Gaia's rules!
☆No T3XT T@LK please! Unless it is an out of character discussion.
✭Use "-" when speaking in character.
☆Please Post at least 2 times week!
✭Read all Announcements!
☆If you will be absent for an extended period of time, Post in the "Tampa Bay ~Introductions~" thread. This way we are notified of your absence so we do not remove you from the guild.
✭Respect every member of the guild.
✭You may have as many characters as you wish, as long as you keep up with them. If you are banned from the guild all your characters will be removed.
☆Please put the word "Kitty" in your Join request so I know you read the rules!

✭Check in at the monthly check ins because if you miss two you will lose your character.
☆If you have any further questions ask/contact Sailor Princess Jasmine.
✭If you do not follow these rules you will receive a warning, if you then fail to fix the problem you will be banned.

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We really hope you decide to join our guild! We would really love to have you!
Yours sincerely,

Sailor Princess Jasmine, Belle Le Beaute, Sir Beast Prince, Tangled Rapunzel, Disneyy x3, and l Cho Chang l

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Homepage: Sailor Princess Jasmine
Homepage picture: Tangled Rapunzel

*Original characters are only available by request.