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Welcome to Pinoy Gaians Unite!

Chat, hang-out, meet new friends and play games at the same time!

What is PGU?

PGU is an exclusive guild for Pinoy/Filipino gaians around the globe; A place where we can talk in our own language and a place where we can have fun with our own little space here in gaia.

We are not racists, we just need a place we can be free to talk our native tongue. Pardon us if we must (and we usually do..) reject your request to join if you are not a Filipino by blood.

Why should you join:

~To meet and hang-out with other pinoys
~To enjoy and relax or to simply get away from real life issues
~We have a friendly crowd and a very approachable group of MODs
~User-friendly forums you'll surely enjoy

How to join:

On the upper right corner, click the "join guild" button and tell us why we should accept you. Requests may be in filipino or english. However, if you choose english be sure we can see a proof that you're really a Filipino. (pinoy friends or tagalog comments on your profile)

***Profiles that cannot be viewed are automatically denied; Same goes with blank requests/requests that says "hi".. If you have been denied, it doesn't mean that you're not welcome to join. You just need to have valid requests and must be a FILIPINO.

Some important reminders:

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Donations received through the main page can only be used for
purchasing subforums. If you want to help on guild activities and
events, please send your donations to TAJIRI101 instead. Thank you
and have a pleasant stay here!

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