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Inspired by Watchmen, Powers, and The Incredibles, Phenomenal is a take on classic superheroes. In this tale, the new generation is no stranger to superhumans. After the infamous Chicago Experiment of 1958 carried out by the supposed madman Dr. William Hassel—which involved releasing unknown energies into the atmosphere—various superhumans emerged throughout the Americas as early as 1962. As the world came to odds with superhuman terrorists, costumed crime-fighting superheroes rose up in a time of need in a period called the Glory Days. During this time, famous heroes such as Mr. Invincible, Captain Cosmo, and the Minuteman rose up. They faced off against supervillains such as Titan, Wildfire, Miss Nemesis, and Mad Manta. This, however, would not last forever. 1998 marked the end of that heroic era as people became less trusting of superhumans due to the destruction wrought by the conflict. Despite their supposed success against their foes, most of the villains dead or imprisoned, many heroes were pressured by the public into hanging the cape. Now 2012, some have chosen to carry on despite the odds, some take up the mantle, while some may even be the sons and daughters of the originals. Some see it as the return of the Glory Days. However, with the return of good also comes the return of evil.

As heroes emerge once again, Olympia, one of the greatest of the Glory Days has returned and established the Hero Society, where supers can serve on the right side of the law in respectful cooperation with government authorities, though teams such as the Merry Men of West Valley Park don’t care to play by the book, while other groups such as the Horsemen lay beneath the public eye for their vigilantism. Nonetheless, dark forces are at work to challenge them.

Read the rules below, because you will not be accepted if you do not.

1. Please remain active! If you will be absent from the story, please inform the crew or myself so we can progress ahead of you, or if the role is vital enough, take on a temporary/permanent replacement. I understand that you have your own lives.
2. If you haven’t already noticed, we’re entitled to follow Gaia Online’s rules. It’s their site!
3. If or when you have new ideas, things like new locations, don’t be afraid to share. It’s our story, and as such, your creativity is appreciated always. I’m willing to listen, though please use common sense.
4. Romance and drama is encouraged always, though if things get too nasty, be considerate and time-skip.
5. Don’t god-mod! It includes auto-hitting or controlling other characters without the user’s permission.
6. Let’s keep this semi-literate and above. I’m not expecting fifteen paragraphs all the time, but at least put some effort into your submission so other writers have enough to work with. I’d say five sentences is the bare minimum for a post.
7. If you’d like to join, put the word hero into your join request so I know you actually read the rules. Include a sample of your writing at the length of a paragraph (unless I invited you or already know).
8. Do not begin posting until your character has been approved by myself or the crew.
9. Do not speak out-of-character too often in the story. It’s okay occasionally, but there’s a thread for that.
10. When quoting other people to notify them that you’ve replied, don’t quote their entire post.
11. No, there is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, just as long as you keep up with them.
12. You are expected to be respectful of other role-players. It’s common courtesy towards others.
13. Please include a date and time if you're introducing a setting on a thread. It helps to organize things chronologically.


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