This is a guild where people can discuss Animal Rights, obviously.
Here you can post information about things you have done, are planning to do, and wish you had the resources to do. You can post recipies, tips, and make Veg friends here.
You do not need to be a part of the Peta2 street team to join this guild, but you do need to be interested in Animal Rights. Not just here to bash people for supporting Peta.
I am hoping to make this a place where people who support Peta2 can talk in peace, and maybe have mature debates with people who are not Veg.

If you wish to join then you should fill out the join request thingy and let me know why you are veg, how long you have been veg, and how it has impacted your life.
I am seeking a helping hand when it comes to making this guild all it can be. PM me suggestions or post them in the Forum. Also, let me know in your Join Request thing or via PM if you think you could handle having more responsibility.