(Guild undergoing a reboot and update Rp will not start until reboots complete but you are free to create your RPC)

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ALRIGHT! Tartarus is down,Dark hour has vanished, In Inaba The Mystery was solved and the Fog clear up! so happy ending?! YES!...for them maybe... there role saving the world have been played but now its Your turn to prevent the end of days, but this time you gonna be a little Different...This Time you have more choices, more responsibility, more power, but be careful, with every choice you make the potential to make some new friends, but also the potential to make more enemy's, choose wisely, and Welcome to Persona The Three Faced Arcane

This is a Semi-Lit, to Literate Guild.

This Guild Features
• Three Factions-there's three different teams you can join

• Three City-your RPC, can choose to Live in one of 3 different city's, but free to move from city to city, in a matter of seconds.

• Three Summoning Methods-There feature a three different ways to call out your Persona each method of summoning will have there own con, and pro.

• Currency System -A money system, its in a beta stage, at the moment to test if it works.

• S.Link System-Social Link system is a system use to determine how close you are to a person, there are 10 lvls of S.link, getting you S.Link lvled up with a person will make you stronger while around them, and maxing out two S.Link will grant you an Ultimate Persona's

•PvP-Player vs Player battles will be included, not everyone is friendly with one one another.

System in the work
• Jobs-this is one easy way to gain money.
• Purchasable Items-upgradable weapons and accessory for battle, that need to be purchased through the currancy system.
• Exp System-ways to gain lvls and increase your stats
• Specific Team skills Linked to S.Link