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Welcome to The Last Hope! We are a Percy Jackson roleplaying guild.

1. Follow the Gaiaonline ToS
Can't find the ToS? Here it is: Click
2. Respect every member of the guild.
This is a given. Do not flame anyone's posts, and take everyone's opinion positively.
3. Vulgar language must be kept at a minimum.
Swear words are not forbidden, but don't use them every other word.
4. Have fun!
Seriously. Or else. o:

Roleplaying Rules:
1. Please don't spam.
Spam means Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. This basically means to not post anything irrelevant when role playing, like your craving for a hamburger, or to announce that you just hit yourself by accident with a book.

2. No killing of other characters unless they permit you to do so.
There is a limit of two characters per user. If you would like to create a new character, then you are going to have to kill one of your old characters through some type of scenario. Unless you are helping someone with their dying scenario, you may not kill any characters! Also, you are not allowed to auto-hit. This means that when your character is in a battle with another character, you may not type 'Charlotte kicked Anson and he fell down.' Instead, you would write 'Charlotte kicked Anson.' It's up to the other user to see if the attack misses or hits. If you find that the person you are role playing is being unfair by missing every time you try to attack their character, use the dice system.

3. All posts must be made in the third-person point of view.
Do not post with 'I' or 'we' unless your character is thinking. Use third person. This means to type using 'he' 'she' or 'they'. Also, all posts should be in past tense. Instead of typing 'He runs over to her.' type 'He ran over to her.'

4. Please pay attention to grammar and punctuation!
This should be common sense. Start your sentences, names, and places with a capital letter. End with a period, and separate sentences with a comma. Use quotations when speaking. If you think your grammar is weak then run it through a document program like Microsoft Word of Corel.

How to join: Just give a short description on why you like the books/movie so much! A sentence or too is enough.

Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians belongs to Rick Riordan. We are in no way associated with him.