"And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"
In this guild, we will be providing you, chapter by chapter, with our completely re-written versions of the Best Selling book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, into the point of view of everyone's favorite characters, Starting with The Boy with the Bread, Peeta Mellark! In this book, written in a close mimic of the original writing style, you will be able to re-experience all your favorite events from the original The Hunger Games! While staying true (And Exact!) to how the story unfolded the first time, you will get to see every aspect through the mind of many different characters!

As for Peeta, Haven't you always wanted to know how he convinced the Careers to take him in or what he told Haymitch to convince him to save Katniss? All of this, and everything else from the original book, will be provided to you, spoken word for word from the original! (Meaning everything will happen just the way it did in the original version, just through the mind of Peeta.)

In this guild, once we get started, we will start to produce the stories from other characters perspectives too! All being chosen by you guys! And if everyone enjoys the first book in Peeta's perspective, you can bet we will move onto Catching Fire too!

So come join us, head on over to the Forum, and re-experience the Games like never before! And...
"Happy Hunger Games!"