• We've got a Questing Subforum! - Beg for all the items and gold you could ever hope for!

  • We've got a Debate forum! Come discuss the latest controversial topics!
  • New RP forum
  • Come bump and spam to your hearts desire in the SPAM forum.
  • We've even got monthly contests! - Earn gold quickly by winning one of a few contests!
  • What more could you possibly ask for?!

    We're a friendly guild and love to see some new faces!
    Don't be shy, come say hello and make some new friends.
    Use the space provided to tell us a little about yourself.

    • Follow the Gaia Tos
    • Respect ALL guild members
    • A poll is required with every thread
    • No begging or spamming in the main forum
    • Post in the appropriate forum

    ~A notice to some of the people who haven't joined a guild before~

    The 10g to join the guild is automatically deducted from your account when we accept your join request.
    You don't need to donate to the guild, or give the 10g to a Moderator.