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TABOnly Those With Excellent Social Standing, And Those From Filthy Rich Families Are Lucky Enough To Spend Their Time, Here, At The Elite Private School, Ouran Academy. The Ouran Host Club Is Where the School's Handsomest Boys With Too Much Time on Their Hands, Entertain Young Ladys, Who Also Have Way too Much Time on Their Hands. Just Think of it as Ouran Academy's Elegant Playground for the Super Rich and Beautiful. Here We Shall Cater To Your Every Desire And Make You Feel Like a Princess. You Have A Variety Of Hosts To Choose From: The Prince Type, The Cool Type, The Devil Types, The Lolita-Shota Type, And The Wild Type. May Your Day At The Host Club Be Filled With Joy And Excitement.

TABTo Apply Please PM Either Our Captain (EdenofVolttera), Or Our Vice-Captains Tamaki (Catwings89), Kyouya (Robotic Zamat), or the Hitachiin Twins (Lolita_Nintendo) Your Application Containing the Filled Out Profile skeleton Found Here:

Persona Profile Skeleton

And A Sample Of Your Posting Style.
Only The Above Mentioned People May Approve The Applications Of New Memebers.
We Pride Ourselves On Being Otaku With Taste. As Such We Are Looking For Original And Creative People To Join Our Guild.


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We Expect All Our Customers And Hosts To Be On xxxxxx
Their Best Behaviors, Which Means The Following: xxxxxx

I Be Kind To Everybody In The Clubxxxxxxx
II If A Host Is Busy, Don't Hesitate Toxxxxxxx
Move On To The Nextxxxxxxx
III Do Not Cyber Or Harrass Anybody xxxxxx
IV Please Do Not Repeat A Post If Itxxxxxxx
Seems Nobody Is Postingxxxxxxx
VI Do Not Come Into The Club To Spamxxxxxxx
Or Critize The Host Clubxxxxxxx
VII We Like Things To Be Presentable, Soxxxxxxx
It Would Be Nice to See Uniquexxxxxxx
Posting Stylesxxxxxxx
VIII Be Literate Please, A Minuim of Fivexxxxxxx
Sentences Per Postxxxxxxx
IX Have Fun During Your Stay At The Clubxxxxxxx
X Failure To Follow These Will Result in Yourxxxxxxx
Departure of The Club The Host Clubxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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xxxxxxxHere We Shall Post The Latest And Greatest Things in
xxxxxxxThe Over All Club. Keep In Mind Only Important Events
xxxxxxxWell Be Placed Here Such As Parties And Important

xxxxxxx On The 1st Of June, The Host Club Reopened For Buisness !!!
xxxxxxx On The 2nd Of June, The Host Club Was Given A New Banner!!!
xxxxxxx On The 16th Of July, The Host Club Was Given Signatures!!!
xxxxxxx On The 22nd Of July, The Host Club's Official Hosts Were Made!!!
xxxxxxx On The 1st Of August Through The 8th, The Host Club's First Official Ball Opened!!!
xxxxxxx On The 10th Of August, The Host Club's First Official Magazine Was Published!!!
xxxxxxx On The 16th Of August, The Hostess Club Was Opened For Business!!!
xxxxxxx On The 30th Of October, The Halloween Gala Was Opened!!!
TABComing Soon!!!
xxxxxxx Winter Wonderland!!!
xxxxxxx Host Blogs!!!