Hi all and welcome to Our RolePlay World!
This guild is intended for friends to come and roleplay whatever story they want. The purpose of this guild is for enjoyment and hanging out with your friends. Feel free to create your own roleplay thread if the one you want is not available. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this guild.
Before proceeding any farther into the guild, please take a few minutes to look over the rules below that have been established by myself and my vice captain. Thank you and enjoy the guild.

Hi all, vice captain Mega here. I know that this is the part that we all hate, but we have to establish some rules if we wish this guild to be a success. These are some basic rules that must be followed if you wish to join in on the rp-ing fun.

1. No swearing, this should be a place where all kinds of people can have fun. Not to mention, we all hear enough swearing and crap in real life, so why bring it online.

2.No sexual themes or comments please. This place is for fun, not for your perverted little minds to run rampant.

3.You must stick with the story themes, and guidelines that have been set up within each role play. Please don't go off topic into some weird fantasy world that has no connection to the role play you are participating in. If that is something you want to do, send a rough draft of the topic to our captain Fire 190 to see if he approves it for another Rp thread. Thank you.

4. Please be fair to our other members and don't criticize or tease other players. The purpose of this guild is to have fun, not to make players feel bad about themselves or their ideas.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING!!!! Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Those who are found to be bullying someone will be warned once, and if the problem persists, they will be kicked out of the guild and reported. The only exception is in the case of one character picking on another within the Rp. Please keep it to a moderate and fair level. Even teasing within a story can still hurt someone. Please be considerate and courteous. If you are suspected of picking on someone within the Rp as a disguise for picking on them outside, it will be brought up with you by one of the guild's higher-ups and we will discuss it with you. This is not supposed to scare you away because of how strict it may sound, we just want to make a fun environment for everyone. If bullying within an Rp is hurtful to someone, please report it to a guild higher-up and we will address it with the teasing party to try to resolve the matter.

6. No all powerful characters. Lets all be fair and give everyone a chance to have fun. No one likes a character who goes around killing everyone or otherwise is impossible to defeat.

7. Absolutely no Yaoi/ Yuri within this guild. While I realize that some people enjoy these types of pairings, such content will not be allowed within this guild.

Please bear in mind that this guild is still being established, so we may amend the rules later. If you have any suggestions for rules you think we may have missed, please send a pm to either me (Mega90) or Fire 190 and we will review them. Thank you all and have a great time with the guild. Please enjoy.

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