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Welcome one and all to the new, the improved, the super-duperly amazing FunBox! Need a place to hang out and meet new friends? Love contests and earning gold and prizes? Well then this Guild is the place for you! On behalf of the staff here, we at FunBox would like to extend a very huge, warm welcome to our all members, new and returning. So what are you waiting for? Open the lid and jump right in! Can't wait to see you! heart

~*~Here's a few Joining Rules!~*~

Tell us why you'd like to join! We're happy to receive feedback. 3nodding

Please don't forget to introduce yourself!

After you join, do your best to stay active! Hiatus' are fine,
but please come back! We'd be sad if you left. ;;

If you are inactive for longer than 3 months,
you will be removed from the member list.

Be sure to read the Guild rules, and
always remember to follow Gaia's Terms of Service

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't
hesitate to contact a staff member. That's what they're here for!