Organizan XIII... an organization composed of XIII members, all of them being empty husks with no hearts called 'Nobodies.' They sought Kingdom Hearts so that they, themselves, could have hearts. They were destroyed by a certain keyblader, never to be heard of again...

Many years later...

Long after the fall of the original Organization XIII, a new group was brought forth. This group was stronger than the original, much stronger. Even though they shared the same abilities as the last. They're here to get things done, and don't take anything from anyone, except their leader, Cajkx, the strongest one there. The members are listed from strongest, to weakest, with the newest recruits being the weakest. It is possible for one to move up in the ranks, but retain their number. The members are listed below.

Cajkx - Number I - Leader - Control over Nothingness
Noxka - Number II - Control over Space
Lisexrv - Number III - Control over Metal
Doxlg - Number IV - Control over Darkness
Berxma - Number V - Control over Bomb
Sijxesca - Number VI - Control over Illusion
Eexnd - Number VII - Control over Sun
Xvee - Number VII - Control over Puppet
Mexsaj - Number IX - Control over Water
Xelcia - Number X - Control over Time
Vetrxor - Number XI - Control over Gravity
Nexnj - Number XII - Control over Light
Axdrenalex - Number XIII - Control over Sound

Axdrenalex was the latest to join, thus completing this circle. No one knows how he came into being, not even the mysterious man himself. All he knows is that this boy holds a power that most long for.

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