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It was so long ago that it is hardly remembered, but it is so recent that the land still carries its scars.
The known world only consisted of one large continent that had been split up into three countries that lived in peace. One day an unspeakable tragedy occurred which sent the world into unrest. War broke out, and in the end almost everything was destroyed. Two girls of light and shadow, made the ultimate sacrifice to set things right and brought forth a new race of elementals who took control of the land. The original boundaries were dissolved and history of this war was forgotten to all except in books and old legends passed down for generations. Many simply regard it as myth, though the practices of the originals have been passed down through the generations. Fifteen years ago, another tragedy occurred which resulted in the creation of yet another unrest. Those who had lived in peace for generations now feel the tension rising. An organization called the Verden has begun forming against the Elementals and war is almost imminent. Will the Elementals manage to stop the uprising, or will the Verden finish what was started long ago and rid Semesta of Elementals? What will happen now is up to you, citizen of Semesta. It is up to you to bring Peace and Order to Semesta.

Wanna join us? Fill out this application and send a join request.

-How did you find us?
-How active can you be?
-RP sample
(Please make this sample at around 4-5 sentences long (if it will fit). This can literally be anything, for example your character looking at a bush. Describe the bush in detail for us, let us into the mind of how your character thinks, acts, feels. This can also be a sample from previous role plays. We're not too picky, just want to see that you can form sentences that don't consist of chat speak.)

Any donations for contests/prizes/giveaways/etc. should be sent via trade to TheUltimateGamemaster. Any donations you wish to go towards subforums/announcements you can put directly in the guild account. (If you do send a donation, please let one of the mods know so we can check that account)