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tab tab Plot- Some people want love? Some people want friendship? Some people want the riches? Well, in StarCreek, one can say that this is the best place to find just those things. But, your wishes come at a cost. A curse is put on you by an evil witch doctor who resides there. She herself once had these dreams, until they were ripped from her hands as her lover's life faded in her arms. Karmala vowed to curse anyone who would be searching for love and anything that made them happy. It was then she began to explore the world of dark magic. Are you going to be able to overcome this curse? Or will you become just another victim to the Darkness?

Location- In a land called StarCreek. It's a land of many different landscapes. You have your colorful pastures, full of luscious green grass and pastel flowers. You have your forests, vibrant with green trees and equally green terrain. You have your residential areas, where the people live and form bonds with others. Then there's the dark lands. A land full of misery and death. Just looking at it drains you and it's where evil resides.

To join the guild, answer the following questions in your join request form:

- Do you enjoy RPing in a romance setting?
- How long have you been active on Gaia?
- Are you willing to post at least 2-3 times a week?
- Why is god-modding against the RP rules? Explain at least two or three sentences.
- Provide a RP sample of at least a paragraph consisting of 5 -
6 well-composed sentences to show your literacy.