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Yet another One Piece guild with all of the wonderful islands to explore and conquer!! Feeling like wrecking havoc? Be a pirate!! Want to help out your fellow Man? Be a Marine! Obsessed with Beli?? Be a Bounty Hunter and capture those pirates with the high Beli over their heads!!

This is your adventure! Your life! Your experience! Be whoever you want! Own a Devil Fruit, or master genjutsu skills without one!

Our Story

Well, Luffy and the Piratehat Crew have been long gone, and the Age of Pirates has completely disappeared. The seas are calm and peaceful. No giant whales or giant hippos trying to eat someone who is simply out to fish. Everything is.... just normal.

"Pirates! Pirates!"

The word had spread like a virus in a school full of weak people. It turns out that a crew had been seen off the coast of Orange Island about a week ago. The people of the island obviously didn't know what was going on, but terror struck their hearts. Pirates had not been seen for over 20 years, and now they are suddenly returning? And for what? One Piece was destroyed a long time ago... right?

And so, pirates set out to find One Piece once again!! The Navy began to get ranked once again! And the Bounty Hunters grinned and knew they were going to be able to pay for their rent!!

One Piece is said to be on the last island of the Grand Line, but no one even knows if that's true anymore. Well.... they all set out on their journey anyways!!!

A Second Generation of Pirates has begun!!!!

To join, please put these answers in your request. If you fail to do so, then your request will be automatically denied:

1.) How active are you?

2.) Are you semi-literate or literate?

3.) Please give a literate roleplay sample:

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