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Once upon a time, there was a great pirate; his name was Gol D. Roger. He had conquered every single treasure that existed, his final words before his execution were "If you want my treasure, you're free to take but you'll have to find it first..." those words entered this world into the grand age of piracy.

It has been twenty-five years since those words echoed across the world and yet no pirate king has surfaced with Gol D. Roger's treasure, 'One Piece' and it doesn't look like they will appear soon. As the Marines and the World Government clamp down on piracy, it seems that the grand age of piracy might be coming to an end...

Welcome to the Dying Breed.

We are a straight roleplaying Guild, and damn proud of it. This Guild is four years old, and one of the best you'll find on Gaia of which we can assure you. You'll also find that the mods are always willing to help, and the members overall are friendly and extremely dedicated to this Guild. You won't find a better home than here with us.

The Dying Breed was created as the successor to One Piece: Search For The Next King(RPG) after its passing. Since then, we have gone on to spawn a whole family of guilds which have all had varying success. This is the latest and hopefully the last one.

Requirements for Joining

Fill this out in your application s'il vous plait:

How far into the series you are: (By manga or anime.)
Activeness: (How active you will be in this Guild.)
Roleplay Example: (Required!) Minimum of five sentences, and check yourself for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes, please. I cannot stress literacy enough.)

Literacy is a MUST here. If you're not at least semi-literate, you won't make it in here. We don't appreciate chatspeak and we won't tolerate people who can't take constructive criticism without flaming us.

When you have sent in your request and have been accepted, the first thing to do is to read the Getting Started thread, which will let you know where to begin:

Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda. We only wish we owned One Piece. We're so envious, we built a shrine to him, only we call it a Guild.