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A letter arrives in the mail for you.

The Letter

-----------Dear Trainer,

I've been watching you as you prepare to enter the world of Pokemon.
I'm currently running a study to see just what it is that makes the best kind of trainer.
I'm trying to see what skills are necessary, what attitude is most prominent, but to do so I need some trainers who are at the top of the pack to help me in my study.
You have been selected, along with a group of others, to come join me at my private island and receive a special starter from my lab.
I only ask that you allow me to study you in your travels and help me further my understanding of the trainer psyche as well.
I thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you.

The letter is signed by an anonymous benefactor and comes with a ticket to ride a ferry to the island 'Terra'.

You must make a choice whether to accept the invitation or not trainer.
This decision may very well make the difference between life and death, but is the obvious choice the right one?
You could just head to the local Pokemon lab and see the professor there, but the temptation of a special starter lures you in.
You want to start your journey in style! So why not?

After much deliberation you set out to the ferry and prepare for the ride of your life...


Life. It has its highs and lows.

In Terra, that is no different. Infested with nearly every species of Pokémon known to man, one might think that everything was perfect, and that the island would be the perfect dream vacation.
If you thought that, you are wrong.

Terra is a place where friendships are built and destroyed, hardships are endured all throughout the year, and life is truly a treasure chest filled with hopes and dreams that may never be accomplished - yet for those who persevere, the rewards are rich. For everyone, the ultimate goal remains the same: to survive.
How long can you last?

This is not a usual Pokemon guild in that we use a dice system and the starters are not preset. They are determined by your results in an evaluation quiz before you even begin roleplaying.

There are no gyms, no Elite Four for you to encounter. You are trapped in the wilderness with your new starter by a mysterious man that insists on watching you fight for your life in the name of science.

You must choose whether to fight against the other trainers you encounter or join forces, because according to the villain who dumped you all here to escape you must kill all the others...

(Yes, basically Hunger Games meets Pokemon in a sense.)

How to Join:

Please do not send in a Join Request yet. Those who already have are fine, but no more until we are finsihed setting up.

If any Join Requests are sent from this point on. They will be refused and you may not join in the future.