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Oh My Gaia! Magazine is a new monthly publication created by Gaians, for Gaians. We want to showcase everything great about Gaia and all of its users. Inside our pages you'll find anything from Event related articles to random on the spot interviews with joe-schmo Gaian and everything in between. All content is created by our staff and we're always looking for new talent to join our ranks!

Our first publication was released on October 21 and featured a Halloween theme with all sorts of interesting pieces, listicles
of some spooky Halloween movies and music that everyone loves, and an interview with Davidicus Bellefonte, to name just a few! Join the guild and subscribe to our quest thread to keep up with our publications!

If you're interested in working for OMGMag, simply send a message to our mule (OMGMag), JaKayZombie or Emmy-Sempai and inquire about available positions. Currently, we're hiring for all positions!

Please send all donations to OMGMag and NOT to the guild.