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Guild Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Oh My Gold! guild made by ll son zack ll.The purpose of this guild is to provide a place for all users to hang out together, play polls, enter contests, attend quizzes and join in on discussions and much more! We hope you enjoy the Oh My Gold Guild!

In this guild, you are free to talk about anything! Not only are you free to chat, there will also be regular giveaways, contests and lots of fun for all the members!

Guild Rules

x Follow the TOS.
x You must show respect for the mods in the guild as well as your fellow members.
x You must not spam if the threads are for discussion, there is a forum for casual talk/spam in the guild.
x You must not start any fights in the guild. We do not like drama.
x You must not harass any members of the guild for whatever reason.
x You must not flame any of the threads or users in the guild.
x Have lots and lots of fun!

How to Join

Anybody and everybody is welcome to join the Oh My Gold Guild!!! Because of this we do not ask that you write anything specific when joining the guild (:

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My job is to make this guild the most exciting and fun-filled guild for you. I will work my best to do so! If you ever have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me!

~ Zack

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