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Welcome to the F&C F.CUZ [Four Cuz/Focus] Guild
This guild offers; dl's, info, pictures, News videos and everything F.Cuz
Join if you like F.Cuz
All I ask is you follow the rules

Q: Whos is F.CUZ?
A: F.CUZ is a 4 member korean boy band
the members are Kan, Jinon, Yeeun
Lee u resigned from the group (still in the group until japanese debut promotions end; he has yet to be replaced)

Q: What label does F.CUZ belong to?
A: F.CUZ belongs to CAN&J Entertainment

Q: When did F.CUZ debut?
A: Debut march 11th 2010 with the mini album 'no one'

Q: What genre of music do they do?
A: Pop, Dance

Q: How can I join this guild?
A: Click on the orange join button and I'll accept you

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