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〃Those who appear as humans and yet hold the powers of animals do exist in this world. For some,
only a part of their body transforms. Others are almost completely changed into animals... They hold many forms,
such as snakes, wolves, and bears.

Why do people transform into animals? That much is still a mystery.
However, I will call those who[m] have gained the powers of animals "+Anima".〃

Welcome to the Official +Anima Guild.

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A guild where +Anima is the main purpose. We may not have been the first +Anima Guild, but we certainly are one of the best. Here, you can pretty much do whatever you want that goes towards +Anima including: Role playing, discussing the series, or just meeting new people with the same interests. We are free to join guild and most everyone is accepted.

To join, please answer the following questions:
(It is not a necessity, it's just so we know a little information...)

1. How did you find this Guild?
2. What is your favorite part of the series, +Anima?
3. If you could have a +Anima, what kind would you have and why?

+Anima © 2002 Natsumi Mukai All Rights Reserved.
English text copyright © 2006 TOKYOPOP Inc.

If you wish to donate to the Guild, please do not donate your gold directly to the Guild. It is just a waste of gold. Instead, please send all donations via trade to our guild mule.
Username: Official Anima Guild Mule. Thank you.