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Welcome to Official Adventure Time Rp Guild!

Are you ready for the amazing adventures that lay ahead of you? Whether you're a hero who ensues justice, a villian who causes mischief, or a princess waiting to be saved from the clutches of evil, we welcome you with open arms! Mathmatical, right? (:

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So what else should you expect to find here in the Land of Ooo?

Our number one priority is roleplaying, but that's not all we have to offer! We'll also be hosting:

* Art Threads - For Fanart as well as Art Shops
* Adventure Time Contests - Win Gold and items for your creativity & love of AT!
*AT Discussions - Talk about the show, your favorite pairings, what you hope to see in the series~

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Pressing the orange +JOIN button will commence the beginning of the totally radical experience you are about to embark upon, bro! But it also binds you to following our small set of rules here too.

1) Follow Gaian Terms of Service in all guild threads and activities. This is so we don't get our guildy banned. Anyone who breaks this rule will be kicked out. Don't put the whole guild at stake!

2) All sexualities are accepted here. If you don't like it, don't join. But the canon characters are to remain their same sexualities as in the show(mostly straight). OC's can be anything.

3) Keep godmodding in roleplaying at a minimum. No one is completely invincible or perfect. And do not control anyone's character unless given permission to do so.

4) If you would like to make a certain Kingdom, pm the captain about it first. If it is approved, it will be made in the subforums.

5) PLEASE BE ACTIVE. Don't let the guild die! If you are not active for excessively long periods of time, you will be taken out!

6) See the little donation thingy down here at the bottom? DO NOT USE IT. All the gold that goes into it can only be used for subforums and nothing else. If you would like to donate so that we may have awesome contest prizes and such, please trade it to the guild mule: WhereTheWildThingsArent