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This is the Official Guild of Delicat, hence the guild name. Since this guild used to be for Keikoku Isle, there is a sub-forum in there that doesn't relate to this shop whats-so-ever. >.< There's a couple things to know before entering the forum.

o1. All shop rules apply.
o2. Don't violate the Gaia Tos.
o3. If your thread gets deleted, do not recreate it. It was probably deleted for a reason.
o4. Be active. If you're going to join, at least try to be active. Make a journal entry or roleplay.
o5. Once you're in, read all stickies and announcement threads.

This guild is NOT the chatterbox. Please only create threads with a purpose. Do NOT spam the forum. Spamming, advertising and begging will result in serious consequences.