~Nux Lumireis~
An online MMORPG based around elements of fantasy and technology, Nux Lumireis caters to all manner of players, from the more traditional players to those just starting out.
There are two specific servers within Nux Lumireis, each attracting a different population of players.

The Viral Server caters to players who wish to manipulate their environment and engage in PvP, altering the system as they wish using open source formatting. This is often the server preferred by hackers, and the population tends to provide a larger variety of players due to general lack of rigid rules. The terrain often consists of darker, more modern tones, such as technologically-enhanced cities, although it varies widely due to the open source qualities of the server.
The Eden Server caters to more traditional players, who believe solidly in preserving the original format of the server, and look down upon PvP, preferring to spend many hours level grinding against monsters. Due to the rigid rules based on this server, it tends to be more difficult for new players to get started. The terrain often consists of the more traditional fantasy themes, such as kingdoms and more eastern themes.

During the early days of the game's creation, two guilds were formed in each respective server. It was these guilds which heavily influenced the development of the servers, causing them to extend to such extremes. The leaders of the two guilds were fiercely competitive, particularly with one another, and this instinctive competitiveness was passed through the ranks as the guilds grew and grew until a fierce rivalry developed between the Viral Guild and the Eden Guild.

Now, the two guilds have grown to massive proportions, more or less running the functions of their respective servers. Unfortunately, the rivalry has only grown worse. It became so extreme, the system administrators were forced to separate the servers entirely, preventing the players from travelling freely between the two. Additionally, the admins formed a third, 'safe' server called the Firewall. Within the Firewall, no fighting is permitted, and it is the only server in which both Viral players and Eden players may freely interact with one another. ...If they choose to, although this proves to be quite rare. The Firewall resembles a mixture of the two servers, combining fantasy themes with technology to form a large city powered by magic and science alike.

The Firewall community generally consists of only merchants, and brand new players. This is the server in which new players start. From here, they may choose to join either the Viral server or the Eden server. They cannot remain in Firewall, as that would mean they would never gain any experience. Anyway, as one would imagine, in order to keep the peace within the Firewall, a small guild of admins was put in place to moniter activity. These admins have exclusive access to all three servers, although most tend simply to remain in Firewall.

The world of Nux Lumireis is expansive with a diverse, (more often than not) friendly community, and has something to offer for everyone. Login today and enjoy all the benefits of friendly competition. Which side will you choose?


This guild is for semi-literate to literate roleplayers. One or (preferably) more paragraphs is a requirement, as well as decent grammar and spelling (decent meaning easy to read; it's okay to spell things wrong and abuse commas occasionally, but make sure others can actually understand what you are writing).

Under no circumstances is godmodding allowed, so be wary when choosing to play a hacker or admin. There is a separate board for rps outside of Nux Lumireis (the game) as well.

In addition to roleplaying, there is an area for OOC chatting. If you have recently joined, please take a look at the Welcome board and the Rules posts on the OOC board. If you are interested in joining, please submit an application with a sample of your writing, no shorter than one paragraph (although preferably longer) with decent spelling and grammar.


Thank you for reading and have fun!