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Welcome one, welcome all to Not Quite There! A guild for fans of Monsieur Loyal, his troupe of members at Cirque du Gothique and anything cirque related in the Gaian universe!~

What will you find here, you might wonder? Well, good thing you asked, because we have -


We have various casual roleplay experiences for the light hearted roleplayers or those just starting out, not to mention an in depth roleplay with a plot, a cast of original characters and members from our beloved Cirque du Gothique!


Many of our members are artists, so you can be sure to find some wonderful masterpieces within.


Along with our roleplays, we have a seperate writing subforum for the scribe in all of us.


Like contests? Like forum based events? Then come on inside! We're bound to have a contest or event planned for the near future!