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Welcome to Non Importance! We host giveaways and contests, sell sealed letters for 1/5 the asking price in MP, and are a place to hang out and relax until there's just no relaxin' no mo. Meet new friends, chum up with old ones, and discuss just about anything to your heart's content. Who doesn't love winning free stuff and bumming around, all at the same time?!


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Below is a shortened version of the Guild Rules. Please read the Rules & Regulations thread within the Guild's main forum for an expanded
version--no exceptions.

___Posting ;
This guild will have no posting requirements just to be a member, although various contest or giveaway rules in order to participate may state differently. Read each individual contest thread thoroughly so no misunderstandings occur.

___Respect ;
Respect everyone in this Guild, be they crew or not.

___Drama ;
No drama will be tolerated in this Guild.

___PG-13 ;
Keep this Guild PG-13 at all times, or Gaia will have something to say about it.

___Joining ;
Please fill out the join request form below.

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Join Request Form
Why are you joining this Guild?
Who referred you to us?
Questing? If yes, what?

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If you'd like to help the Guild out with a donation of gold or items (any kind) please send a User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. labeled trade to Non Importance. Donate as much as you'd like to the Guild itself, although let it be known that the donations given directly to the Guild can only be used to buy Subforums and are unable to be touched by Guild Crew to aid in giveaways/contests themselves.