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Welcome to the Nintendo Cult!>=D

INDENTHowdy, and welcome to the homepage of Gaia’s number one Nintendo guild, gaming guild and Cult guild, the Nintendo Cult! Are you a fan of Nintendo? I sure hope you are, if you’re here. This is Meta_Fish, captain of the Cult, and if you like Nintendo, this is definitely the place for you. All sorts of fans gather here to discuss all things Nintendo from the birds of Ninja Gaiden to the Grand Finale Galaxy; we’ll talk about it all. Rather than bore your eyes with excessive dialog like some shitty RPG, I’ll get right down to it.

INDENTSince the Cult has become such a large and popular guild, our rules for joining have gotten stricter and stricter. If you’re declined, it would be a good idea to reread these, and make sure you followed all of the criteria.


1. Type more than one sentence. Look, I know you’re excited to get into the best gaming guild on Gaia, but you need to type a bit more than one line. I’m not looking for any novels, so a paragraph or two would be ideal.

2. Tell us why you want to join. Are you a Nintendo fan? That’s a good start. What systems do you own? Are you stuck in a game? Do you want to meet other Nintendo fans? What's your favorite gaming news site? Let us know what your plans are once you get into the Cult.

3. Try to have a decent typing ability which you can sustain upon being accepted. The Cult likes to think of itself as a literate guild. We may have some members that don’t type too well, but we try to keep that kind of stuff to a minimum. Be able to spell “Nintendo” correctly, know how to use punctuation, and have good grammar. Then, if you’re accepted, be able to keep that up while you’re a member.

INDENTIf you aren’t accepted, that sucks, but you can try again in two weeks if you really want to.
INDENTOnce/if you’re accepted, you need to go read the Guidebook to the Nintendo Cult immediately. Here you will find the rules, and a general overview of the whole guild. This includes descriptions of subforums, and topics of interest, too, so make sure you come here. You can and will be banned for disobeying rules at any time.

[Made this s**t shorter so maybe people will read it.]