Welcome To Nintendo Club
I am Gruntilda from Banjo Tooie // Kazooie, your leader!
We Roleplay as any Nintendo 64 character, some characters....
Mumbo Banjo Tooie // Banjo Kazooie
Ribbon from Kirby 64
Peach from Mario party 3
Link from any of the games
Many MANY more..
Nintendo 64 rules, be one of your favorite characters and just have loads of fun
Anyways...There will be some Social times in towns, please try to get on the guild to keep it alive
The point of this guild is to embrace the older games, AKA the funner // best games
also....Become the past and relive it with all the characters! So please if or when you pick, try being creative...
There are many games from N64 so there should be no problem choosing
If your are Roleplaying scenes from that game, thats fantastic
Be caring, kind, No spam
Be Cool to the guild
Be one of the kick a** characters from N64!
Join Now.... Bear & Bird
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