~Bio Of A Nightwalker~
Taller than a house and made up of pure darkness, the nightwalker lurks in the shadows of the evening hours. Vaguely humanoid in shape, it wears no clothing and has a smooth, hairless body. It can crush a weapon simply by picking it up and frighten a foe to death with one evil look. This strong spellcaster can also call forth an army of other undead to serve its evil plans.

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~Nightwalker Facts~
Maximum height: 20 feet tall
Maximum weight: None
Habitat: Any
Society: Solitary
Diet: None
Language: None
Attack methods: Ambush from the darkness

~About Guild~
This guild lets you join and create your own story and conquer land on the map you will see soon below. This guild is a strategy tester. Once you join and create your "Nightwalker Character" and her's/his Bio you will be entered. Once you are chosen in a piece of land start to recruit people and strengthen your own race of Nightwalkers. Later when the "Vice Captions" announce what land you will be on and declare an attack on other Nightwalkers you will write your role play story and submit it to see if you will rank up or plummet back to level 1.

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