This guild can be used for roleplays (rules posted below), poems, stories, or any creative thing you can think of, but please do not post anything bad. If you cannot post it anywhere else on gaia do NOT post it here.

Roleplay rules:

1. If it is a 1X1 then please say so when you name it.

2. With walk in rps please post a character profile.

3. Keep relationships at a pg13 (I can bend this rule if you wish, just private message me first), if you want to have your characters do anything besides kiss or hug, please do a time skip with the character, thank you. As long as its not completely erotic and rated R you can use it, just please keep it at at least a high school level as in pg13 or a tiny bit above it. Anything extremely bad I will only give two warnings, if you try more than twice I will kick you out. Fair warning: Just keep it clean.

4. Do not do anything to another members character unless they give you permission to.

5. If you need to say something out of character please post it differently (color change, OOC, ((___)), font change)

6. Please try to use proper grammar when role playing. If you don't know how to spell something then its okay just make a note of that below, but please. Unproper grammar makes the responses hard to read, so please try to make sure your grammar is correct or at least eligible. As long as people know what you are saying, but please TRY to have your grammar as readeable as possible.

7. Have fun. biggrin

I will add rules or change rules if I need to. Just remember that anything going against the rules of the guild seen by my crew or vice captains will be reported to me. Then I will deal with the problem.

Everything else:

Will go by the same rules as an rp as in KEEP IT NICE AND CLEAN. What I mean by this is:

1. No huge bloodbaths with a ton of gore and gross crap.

2. Keep relationships to a pg13 or below level (I will bend this rule if you message me and ask, but you need at least five good reasons)

3. Most importantly: KEEP YOUR GRAMMAR READEABLE!!!! Make sure people know what you are saying

4. Have Fun!!!