”Enter a world where, Hatter has forced Wonderland and Fragments of Gotham into one, nothing is as it should be, and Madmen reign supreme…”

Some time ago a certain Heroic magician named Zatanna Zatara, showed a certain Hatted Madman that the World he obsessed over so much, Wonderland was more then just hypnotic words, and pretty pictures…but that it existed on a separate but similar plane too the one he dwelled in within Gotham city. Thinking this would sate his desire, it only added fuel too the fire and made him want it even more. Jervis Tetch kidnapped Zatanna and by using his Mind Control device, forced her too re-open the worlds, and as a step further…too mesh them together so each of these could pass through and link together, so that they could be connected as one. In this world of illusion, of madness and Malice…the Crazies are King, and the sane are at a loss, or doomed too fall further down the rabbit hole.

In this strange new reality, Jervis serves beneath his idol, the Mad Hatter whose madness rivals that of his own, nothing is what it seems, some even at times seem too have a slight clone of themselves and the heroes must find a way too switch the worlds back too how they once were before Gotham becomes a part of wonderland forever.

1-First of all NO DRAMA if you have problems, don’t bring them into the Guild or the RP, you will get one chance too obsolve it and if you can’t a mod will step in. There will be a discussion between owner and crew, zero tolerance will be admitted, too many guilds have been ruined because of it.
2- Follow the Gaia guidelines
3- Cursing is allowed, use it tastefully
4- (and a BIG one as well) This is a guild that demands literate posts, all the crew as well as the owner Para RPs, so if you join this you are expected too type at LEAST 3-4 lines, its really not that hard. If you cannot comply with this rule, then leave, you will only be warned twice, the third time will result in your automatic kick out (if you cannot figure out how too expand your posts, ask Mad Mr Hatter...he less Dickish then those he portrays).
5- We don’t expect complete and utter devotion, but we expect you too post at LEAST once too twice a week if not more, regardless if you are there or not, the story may go on without you. If you plan on being gone for awhile, contact one of the crew members or notify the owner immediately so that they can reserve your character for you.
6- I don’t care if your posts are pretty as pie, but if your character does not look like your Avatar, a picture in BB code format is suggested.
7- Although romance is allowed and at times encouraged, nothing explicit… if you want too act out an R or X rated scene, take it too PM’s.
8- However unlike cursing and romance, there is no limit on gore =D so gore it up, Madmen =3
9- While Custom characters are allowed Cannon’s are preferred. Some characters, considering they have “doubles” are allowed. For Example Jervis Tetch or Mad Hatter, Alice Pleasance or Alice Lidell. Some characters are no so obvious but can have seconds, Poison Ivy or Mome Rathe, Jabberwocky or Killer Croc
10- No God Modding, do not make your characters invisible, because obviously they are not.