Three years ago, Vayne Thorace was the captain of a division in the Order of Vida, a side-force of the Silver Steel known as Blackwatch. Blackwatch specialized in assassination, infiltration, hacking and forgery. As the special operations department of the Order's military, Blackwatch saved the Order many an ass. However...

Months ago, a piece of evidence at an old crime scene of Vayne's had been found. He was a master; he left nothing behind. However, the planted evidence was there for a reason, as someone had to have found out about Vayne. Vayne took flight, stealing a large amount of Divinity Drive technology when he escaped from the Order. Since his departure, the Order of Vida itself has fallen, but Vayne rose up.

Vayne's obsession with power led him to willingly contract a disease borne of Madness radiation, slowly eating away at his mind, but granting him immense power. His downward spiral dragged down many allies, people he once called tools and steps to ascend higher. In his mad rage, however, he was ultimately taken over by Madness, placed in a stasis pod so as not to destroy anything more before a cure was found...and it was.

Vayne arose from his slumber a far different man than he was before. His outlook had changed drastically. Although he was still rather cynical, Vayne's aim had changed from endless power to curing the Madness he had spread, and his allies were no longer tools. They were his friends. Although he had lost the Madness radiation's seemingly endless supply of power, he retained a spirit he absorbed along the way, by the name of Pharilis.

Vayne's closest contingents still believe that Vayne is partially under the control of Pharilis, but only time will tell whether it's true.

This is New Blackwatch.

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