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Here are the official rule of the kingdom:

1.) There shall be no fighting In Guild Base areas. These are known
as Safe Zones in the new 'World' I am making. If attacked inside one of the following areas, the attack will be voided.

2.) To fight, you can go out to one of the areas around the bases. These what you would call, dungeons or field battles. Though, here. You can have up to three people in a party if you like. More in that will have to result in a ref and more( Unless it's an Rp battle)

3.) If you are Pked, ( pk=Player kill), Then you must make your avi
in Rags, to show that you were defeated. This being not only the Rule of a Kingdom, but as well as basic RPG Rules.

4.) In Tournaments, you will only be able to cripple the enemy, or fight till they would tap out. If someone in the tournement is murdered, then they will be brougth back, as well. As you would then be disqualified.

5.) If the rules though, are not followed as written. The following punishments will be applied.

(A) Written Warning

(B) Verbal Warning

(C) Drop down in Rank( if Memeber then a 1week suspension)

(D) Termination from the guild.

6.) I am wanting to try something new. So, in the guild. Instead of there being elites, they will be known as what is called Epitaht users. They are people with Special abilities to drain your energy with what is called a DATA DRAIN. If for reasons unknown, someone is to attack
someone in a ristricted area. The Epitaht User will have the authority to use this on his/her opponent to render them crippled.

7.) There are many Dungeons and Battlefield items you could win. So, make sure that if you want to try to go in an area. Let meh know, as I'll as well provide some avis to give you a good fight. If vicroties at the end. A special prize may be waiting for you.

8.) Lets make this a strong guild, as well as a fun one. So, keep to the standard RPG Rules, as well as make sure if you are to do something, and do not know if you can. To Ask Moon or Jessy. We will clarify it if it's possible or not.

9.) There shall be no auto hits, God modding, or anything else along the lines of this while in 'The Towns' as well as in the' Dungeons.' Failure to reply to this, will result in the taking place of action leading to Termination.

10.) Lets make this a fun guild to come to. Just make sure to follow the following Rules, as well as to respect the people in the guild. For, what is a guild, then just an oversided family, correct?