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Welcome to Neopia Central, a gathering place for NeoPets fans of all ages.

Neopia Central is here to provide Neopian Gaians a place to meet, chat, find battle challenges, or to share plot theories, game advice, and stock tips. This Guild is also here in an attempt to show Gaians that not all Neopians are stupid children - some level of literacy and intelligence is appreciated. However, we will accept almost any join application so long as it's not blank or entirely in chatspeak.

Please be aware that you will be reported to both Gaia and NeoPets staff if you attempt to use this Guild to violate either the Gaia or NeoPets ToS.

NeoPets and all official NeoPets content in this Guild Copyright 2000-2009 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. Any and all official NeoPets content will be removed if an effort is made by NeoPets staff to have such occur, by contacting Cassidy Peterson on Gaia or cassidypeterson on Neopets. Members of NeoPets Staff making contact through Gaia will be asked to provide reasonable evidence that they are who they claim to be.