Welcome to Neonascence!

It's like a hobbit hole of eco-awesome

If you are interested and you want to join, just request to join by clicking here and let us know how you found us or why you want to join. You can join or quit the guild at any time. ALL join requests are accepted.

Our Purpose

This guild is about developing a new state of being. We are a community dedicated to living simple, sustainable, organic lives.

This is a place for everyone that wants to create positive change in their lives and reduce their impact on the planet. It doesn't matter how much or how little you do, you are welcome here. Come discuss your ideas, dreams, and share experience with others!

Discussion is encouraged. All questions are welcome.

Inside Our Guild

  • We've got a Gardening Subforum - Talk about growing things.
  • We've got a DIY Forum - So you can share your craftster ways.
  • We've got a Health & Body Forum - Learn natural ways to keep you healthy and looking beautiful.
  • We've got a Food & Drink forum - Discuss alternative diets and organic foods. Yum!
  • We've got a Off-Topic forum - For hanging out and open discussion of anything not relating to the guild.

Be the change you want to see in the world

If you are wishing to donate to the guild, please contact pirhan.