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Welcome to Narutoverse, a constantly-growing role-play set in--you guessed it, the world of Naruto!

If you are another guild looking for members, please contact VanRiku before you go and spam our members with invites. We are very happy to look at your guild, just so long as you are an affiliate.

Our Nindo:
• To have the most accurate portrayal of the Naruto World.
• To have the most unique roleplay experience out there.
• To have fun and look good doing it. 3nodding

Sound good so far?

Travel between villages, or just chill at home with your squad.
Spar with your friends, or ambush rival ninja!

Our goal is to bring you as close to the Naruto world as any RP can. Start as a genin in the village of your choice and grow in strength with experience. Do you have what it takes to become a kage? Let's find out. ninja

Forbidden Jutsu:
○ Don't be a jackass. (Outside of roleplay.)
○ No cheating!
○ Don't whine about the moderators' decisions. (Without good reason.)
○ Don't do anything against Gaia's Terms of Service.
○ No cheating!!

We are currently Starting up next generation! (Season THREE!!!!)
We are setting everything up for it to start on the 19th
We are now accepting new characters for gen 3!
Welcome and good luck

We reserve the right to deny or ban guild applicants due to unintelligible typing, Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters and generally bad role play.