Hey all and welcome to the guild!

The Akatsuki are back and are stronger then ever, but now they have competition named "The Red Rain's" who seek to "cleanse" the world of the weak. So now new shinobi, and kunoichi must stand side by side with Naruto and his friends to fight this new threat!

This guild will be separated into several arcs, Each arc more and more of the story will unfold.

OK so now a couple of Rules....

1- No god modding, If I or anyone in the crew believe you are god modding we will either ask you to change your post/profile. If god modding continues you will be banned.

2- Please be respectful to EVERYONE, a little respect goes a long way.

3- You can have 2 OC characters and 1 cannon character, if you wish to use a different OC character and you already have 2 then you must kill one off. If you wish to have a different cannon character you must see if anyone would like to take over that character, otherwise you are stuck with him/her. Or if you want you may have three OC's, but you wont be able to have a cannon character.

You may also have a second Cannon character but only if you ask me or one of my VC's. To have a second cannon you must send one of us an extremely good roleplay sample using your second character.

4- And I will be stickler with this one, DO NOT MAKE A CANNON CHARACTER OOC, if that is done you will be given three warnings, if you fail uphold this rule your cannon character will be taken from you. (Example- Having Naruto flirt with your OC or other character, or having him constantly "Blushing" from a few words OR Sasuke laughing and being all smiley.)

5- Keep cursing to a minimum, I don't care really if you curse just don't use a curse in every sentence, remember I don't care but Gaia does.

6- No XXX scenes PLEASE, nobody want's to read that and if you insist on hit happening do a time-skip.

7- Be fair in fight scenes, it doesn't matter how strong your character is he/she can't avoid every hit so take a few blows and be fair.

8- This one is extremely important, STAY ACTIVE! If you are inactive for at least a week you will be removed. If you know you will not be on then please post in the "Absence Forum".

Well that's about it, more rules may be added in the future so keep an open.