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This guild takes place two decades after the events in Naruto the Forbidden Srolls (about 30 years after the end of the Naruto Manga).
War has ravaged the lands for the past few decades, destroying villages and killing thousands upon thousands of innocents and military alike. From it's ashes rises an uneasy peace as countries seek to rebuild their great nations and make a better life for the new Generation of Ninja.

About This Guild:
This is a stat based guild with a largely expansive but easy to understand game system.
This allows for members that are here longer and more active to have there characters reflect this time and effort into the power and ability of their character while at the same time producing a strategic combat system through which to enact fights.

This guild sprung from Naruto the Forbidden Scrolls Version 1, a very successful guild filled with wonderful members that I built years ago. The urge to build this was based off making improvements to many of the old mechanics without shifting around everything in the old version.

We are filled with friendly helpful members that are more than willing to help out new players along the way with getting involved in the guild.

How to Apply:
Fill out a small role playing example. We are a very literate guild and expect our members to attempt to be so as well.