In a Hiatus. Contact the Guild Moderator for more information.
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{Send all donations to the guild to the guild captain.}

The gold will be use to buy art for the front page, contest, etc. You don't need to donate to the guild any longer as 15K is more than enough, and we have more than enough sub-forums as well.
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Pm me your application and send a join request.
[b]Reason why you want to join:[/b]
[b]Reason why we should let you join:[/b]
[b]Do you GodMod:[/b]
[b]Are you going to be active:[/b]
[b]Rp Sample:[/b]
[b]Icon:[/b](read the entire page to find this)

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-No GodModing thats a given
-No Flaming of any sort
-Jokes are meant to be funny not offensive or personal
-Respect the higher ups
-No autohits
-Create your profile with no more than 2 basic elements or less.
-Don't hate if I don't like your profile. There must be something wrong with it in the first place
-Basically you can't be an Uchiha without a reasonable explanation.
-Do not accept any user who doesn't fill up the front page code.
-Your Rpc can't know everything, this include information on other people's profile. IF you read somebody's profile doesn't mean you know their ability already.
-Read all the details in the post before yours
-Do not control other characters without permission.
-You must have limits in your techniques.
-Try to match the person who posted before you
-Read all the rules and the whole front page
-Just because you have been promoted, doesn't necessarily mean you will keep your position.
-We will not change for an individuals request!

This rp doesn't have any relations what so ever with the canons except for techniques and basics. Bloodline limits still apply. So basically you can have a canon character who lives in a different world! Though there are many requirements that you must meet to get accepted. You must have a valid profile which goes with your technique. This means if you know rasengan you must explain how you learned it. If you want to be a Kage you must apply for it, same goes for the Bijuu's. In closing I hope to see you roleplay with us and keep the guild long alive. Maybe 10 years? Is that to much to ask?

What can you expect from us?
Rank climbing.Begin as a Genin and sprout into a Kage.
Helpful system
Willing helpers who will fix your every needs.
An open rp thats open to any idea
A summary of the current happening for those that are new and lost.
A system that creates a fair atmosphere between all ranks
No noobs in the guild
All in this guild has been specifically recruited or are acquaintance who will understand the fairness of battles
We match your post -For example if you post an essay, we would gladly match it-
An index to every features and characters of the guild

What do we expect from you?

Follow the guild rules as well as gaia TOS.
Guild Activity.
Originality is a big one
Inform me if you are going to be gone for awhile.
Have fun.
Respect the higher up or you will be kicked out without hesitation.
Oh and the Icon fill out is simply "Believe it!"

Ask the guild captain to be an affiliate.
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