Welcome all to Naruto Ninja Resurrection. Here we are creating an original RP based in the Naruto world, but completely original. Which means new villages, new ninjas, and new conflicts. You are the surgeon who will sculpt out the very face of the ninja world. So get to it.

Kages here-

Raikage: Yoashi Ryushin (Pdragon619)

Mizukage: Utsukushii Sakusan (Lord of Kaos 79)

Hokage: Shirizu (Xeareux)

Tsuchikage- Tago Zero (uhhhdavid)

Haruhi Usagi (ChibbyKairi)

Guild Rules-

- Follow all Gaian TOS. If you're not obeying Gaia, then you probably won't be here long, now, will you?

-NO GOD MODDING! this includes over powered characters, auto hitting, constantly dodging, and moving another persons character without their permission. (there are exceptions to this, for example if someone auto hits you then you can opt to auto hit them back instead of reporting it. Also dragging along another persons character for the purpose of travel is ok as long as its to save time)

-Original characters only. The whole point of this guild is to remake the naruto world with new villages, characters, and bloodlines. So if someone's running around as Sasuke, or his and the Mizukages long lost daughter, then that pretty much negates the point doesn't it?

- No mature content anywhere. There is a warning system for sexually explicit material. If you post something of that nature, you get a warning. After your first warning you are banned. So time skip or take it to pms. This rule will not apply to violence/gore obviously being about ninjas fighting each other.

- No flaming. We offer a friendly environment for all role players here. If you start disturbing that vibe, then we'll sic the (ninja)hounds on you.

- Contact crew (pdragon619, lord_of_kaos79. Chibbiy Kairi, uhhhdavid) immediately if you are being harassed or see anyone breaking the rules. We are here for your benefit.

- Swearing must be kept to a minimum.....just kidding swearing is allowed, in fact I encourage spelling swear words wrong specifically so it gets through the fuucking censors.

- The main forum of the guild is for crew use only. Important announcements or things that need to be easily accessed (moderator list, rules, etc.) will be posted there. If you feel a thread needs to be added, PM a vice captain (Lord_Of_Kaos79) or myself (pdragon619) and we will consider adding it.

- This list (and any rule list for that matter) can be subject to change. Make sure to check all applicable rule lists regularly while in this guild.