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Our Opening Statement

We would first like to point out that this guild is based on the anime/manga series Naruto. It does not revolve around its story and whatnot. It has similarities obviously, and the base story of Naruto is the same, but as you will see in the next section, we altered the story.
I would also like to mention that we do not allows canon characters in this guild. We do, however, allow relatives of canons.

The Past, The History

It all began with the invasion of Pein...or should we say it ended with that? What ended, you ask? An era. The era you have watched from the beginning. You see, what we have all bear witnessed to is false. When Pein wiped out Konoha, he destroyed everything and killed everyone, everyone notable at least. Even Naruto stood no chance against him. Later the war emerged; rather than just Madara and Tobi against everyone, they added Pein and the remaining Akatsuki to their ranks. Without the aid of Konoha and Naruto, the Shinobi Alliance failed. In their success, Tobi and Madara couldn't come to an agreement, and killed one another ending the Moon's Eye Plan but not before ending the lives of practically all shinobi. With practically every shinobi now dead, what would be the fate of the warriors? Would average citizens prove capable of living in a world like this? Or would a survivor emerge from the depths of isolation to aid their cause?

The Tailed-Demons, The Bijuu

What of the bijuu that were captured by Akatsuki? What of the Kyuubi and Hachibi, who were last known to be inside Naruto and Killer Bee? Word has it, they were all destroyed in the war. With Naruto's and Bee's death, it would surely make sense. In which case, as we all know, bijuu are said to reincarnate sometime in the future, so they are bound to appear once more. What if they weren't destroyed though? Is it possible that some of them are still roaming the Earth today?

The Present, The Now

When all was thought to be lost, a single man emerged, one without a known name. He provided support to anyone who needed it, and as he passed through, he taught them little by little. He seemed to have been the only of his kind since the Sage of Six Paths. After years of hard work, the shinobi managed to practically rid the lands of the violent and sinful, while also teaching the average villagers combat.

This new generation of shinobi would then re-establish their own countries and try their best to undo the damage that Madara and Tobi and the rest of the Akatsuki brought upon the lands. The villages of the Leaf, the Sand, and the Mist would be the first ones to be re-established and later on others would too be established.

The Future, The Revelation

With success comes failure, right? So far, they had avoided such a thing, but perhaps the horizons would bring tragedy? Little is known about the future, other than its writers being those of the present. So we'll leave the future for you to decide!


Please do not donate to the guild account. If you want to help with the guild, it would be better to send your gold to the account EoF_Mule_Account

Rules & Regulations

Be sure to read up on all rules and regulations inside the guild! Read all announcement threads as well, as they are important.


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