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Book 2

The 5 shinobi villages were destroyed 16 years ago in the 5th shinobi war. This was a war in which the shinobi world stood against an evil organization, wielding a power known as the Corruption, which they had used to infect the land itself.

Once the organization fell, the corruption receded from the land itself... yet monsters that it had spawned continued to ravage the world. And the corruption somehow continued to mutate humans as well, giving them both its curse of hideousness and its blessing of power.

With the villages crushed, the nations pooled together the remnants their militaries forming the joint shinobi village, Unity Village, Unity Village, with sections from each of the original villages. DACU [Dah-Coo] (The Defense Against the Corruption Unit) were also founded to fight the monsters across the lands. And the social elite of the land sought shelter in Union village as well, moving to its center where they were more protected.

Now, the Corruption has returned to the world once more to finish what it started, and a new group, the Shinto, seeks to harness its power for the "benefits" of mankind. Will humanity prevail or will they become warped and deformed by the corruption?How will the future unfold in this new world? You decide.

Keep in mind this guild takes place 96 years after the 4th shinobi war, so all canon characters are dead. This guild is also in an alt timeline that diverges after the 4th shinobi war, so the events of Boruto: The Movie never happened. The technology level is still the same as it was at the end of the 4th shinobi war.

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