[Under Construction]
A place as random as pi and as odd and emotionally scarring as seeing your grandma in ze nude.

Come join us as we celebrate completely random crap! (ie un-Birthday, Annual World Domination Day)

No Seriously.

To make a long story short, anyone is welcome to join and have really fun orgies of all sorts on a constant basis.

ARTISTS APPLICATION FORM. Please send them to [.Black.Kitten.] Titled 'Arists AP Form' And fill out the form below:

[b]Style:[/b] [Do you draw Anime, Realism, Chibi, ect...]
[b]Prices:[/b] [If you don't already know, we can negotiate]
[b]Medium:[/b] [What you use to draw, ex; Pen, Pencil, Pain, Photoshop, MS Paint.]
[b]What will you draw:[/b] Certain items you like drawing, yaoi, ect
[b]Will NOT draw:[/b] [what you're a bit iffy about drawing]
[b]Samples:[/b] [Please include 3 or more]

ORDER FORM: Send them to [.Black.Kitten.] Titled -artist's username- Order form

[b]Artist:[/b] [Their username]
[b]Gift:[/b] [Is this a gift, if yes, for whom?]
[b]Style:[/b] [Chibi, regular, etc.]
[b]How many?[/b] [1, 2, 3, or more?]
[b]Reference picture:[/b] [Image, no links please!]
[b]Other:[/b] [anything you want it to say of have the avi saying in the art. Or anything you want added =extra money XD]
[b]Total cost:[/b] [do the math!!]


You can bet your sweet patooey we have rules, and if you decide not to follow them, prepare yourself for an invasion of Star Wars action figures upon your house and a big, fat 'phailban' from this guild.
...heart :3

o1. Gaia's TOS applies, as always.
o2. Don't be a stupidhead.
o3. Profanity is allowed, but don't go over the top (see rule #2).
04. Racism, sexism, religious matters etc.etc. are not appreciated. We embrace diversity like a hippy embraces trees, guys.
o5. Cybering..like....just....no. It's kinda gross if it goes past PG-13. Think of it as doing the Full Monty on that big TV in Times Square everyone can see you. So, guys and gals, we're going to have to ask you to KEEP IT IN THE PANTS.
o6. See rule #2.
o7. Don't be mean....
o8. If you decide to join, stay active (not sexually)! It's no fun spending 2ok on a guild with inactive, unenthusiastic members.
o9. To join, just send either [.Black.Kitten.] or Monochromatic Panda a request, and we'll let you in.