Hello and Welcome to Mystic Mythical Creature Roleplaying Guild. This is my first guild and I am pleased with the roleplays. I love all things that have to do with sci-fi and fantasy. Create your dream stories. In this guild you can be ANYTHING you want from a human to a dragon, to a beetle. I don't care just have fun!! Of course there are a couple of rules but other than that go Crazy!! And don't think you only have to roleplay!! You can just hang to in Life Happens Forum. This forum will be for anyone who just wants to talk or needs advice, or friends. Life happens and we all need help sometimes. Talk, make friends and have a blast!!

1. Idc if you cuss but dont use it to insult people*
2. No fighting unless its part of the story. If you have a problem with another player come to me.
3.Please post at least 5 times a week, and there is a limit of two characters per RP for each person
4.If its in your sig you can promote a guild- ONLY IN YOUR SIG.
5. Follow TOS rules
6.Just have fun creating your dreams!!!

To show me you read these rules please put this in your request to me "draconian" Thanks

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