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This guild is focused on topics of the unknown. . Such as (but not limited to):
~magick ~philosophy ~magickal creatures ~myths ~psychology ~dreams
~psychic powers ~divination ~wicca ~spirituality . . . Etc. . . . .
This is a place that all can come to to talk about these topics, to share your opinions, ask for assistance, help others by providing them with answers. .
*I would like everyone to know that while these topics are the focus of the guild, it is ok to go a little off topic as well. . I am a relaxed person, and it is ok with me if you want to talk about some other issues that are only partially related to these topics. .

You must follow the TOS at all times in this guild, and flaming will NOT be allowed. ..

There are also several services offered to guild members, such as free tarot readings and dream interpretations.(check the ~INDividualized help/question and ansWER~ subforum) Just dont kill me with requests. ^^

Blessed be. . .

pm me with any problems you encounter. .

****There is no offical form to fill out, just say something about yourself and that you want to join. If your request is denied by anyone besides me, psychelapis, pm me.(I only deny people who are clearly very rude for the most part, and I say this since I dont want any crew denying any requests themselves, so I would look into it if one did deny you) ****